Production of polypropylene yarn

True circularity,

from textile

to textile

Our Technology

We are the first to close the loop for Nylon 6 entirely from textile waste.

We are reaching true circularity with our cutting-edge nylon recycling technology.

We are recycling end-of-life textiles at a molecular level ready to be transformed into brand new, premium fabrics. This is true recycling, the first step to a circular economy for textiles. We believe that the ideal approach for textiles is chemical recycling of textile waste. By reprocessing old textiles into new fibers, yarns, fabrics, garments and garment accessories, we reduce the demand for virgin materials and mitigate the environmental burden of waste.

Recycling polyamide, commonly known as nylon, involves several steps to transform worn polyamide textiles into new polyamide fibers for textile production:  

From end-of-life textiles to virgin-like materials.

loopamid® keeps the level up and the standard high.

True circularity, from textile to textile.